Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2019-12-11

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 1

Thoughts are Things

Each of the chapters in Think & Grow Rich stirs my mind to my own experiences and helps to confirm the truth of Hill’s work to me.  In contemplating this, here is what happened yesterday.

One of my responsibilities is providing music for my church’s main meeting each Sunday.  I start at the beginning of the year and try to have performances set up at least a month In advance.  As it happened, yesterday, I typed up what was planned this month and had no number for Dec 29.  I typed in the word “FILL” and decided to let it come to me.  Last night, I received the following unsolicited email.

“Our daughter Marianna Martindale will be arriving 23 December and leaving 7 January in case you might be interested.

Her information is below”

Marianna is a very talented singer and upon invitation will now be singing on Dec 29 here in Colorado.

I had the thought to FILL the space and it was filled.

Upon following Hill further, it is clear that the people he used as examples had a vision, saw themselves successful in the purpose of their vision, and lived the vision.  Even Darby, who was 3 feet from gold and gave up the profits from the mine learned from this lesson and became extremely successful in later years in insurance.

I identified with Darby as I have had the strong belief for nearly 53 years that the concept of Network Marketing SHOULD WORK.  I have felt 3 feet from gold many times and have learned much through the school of hard knocks.  Often, as Michael says, many things were not my fault.  Sometimes though, I tried to cut the path in the jungle by myself and went astray.  I am grateful to Mentoring For Free for the knowledge of how to identify a company worthy of receiving my very precious time.  I am grateful for learning “how to think and not what to think.” With that bridge crossed, I’ll walk forward to my vision of success in this industry.  I know that a serious, persevering and consistent effort, while holding on to that thought and vision of building an extensive organization, can lead ONLY to success.

Being able to lessen my learning through the school of hard knocks for my business through this Mentoring For Free system has been a God-Send for me.  This mastermind group is a comfortable, safe place where I trust the advice.  Being steered in the right direction and interacting with others on the same path builds confidence for me and is an anchor on this journey.

Many thanks to Michael and Linda and Tuula Rands and all who participate in this Mentoring For Free program.

Kay Young

Superior, Colorado