Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-12-11




Over the course of my life I have met more than a handful of folks who want to obtain wealth and freedom .  Most follow the path that society teaches: go to school, study hard, graduate, get a job and you will one day have your dreams.  I, as well fell in to this belief trap.  


I went from High School to College and earned my bachelors degree. I worked as a sales professional for a number of years. I made a decent living, but wanted more. So  I took the next step recommended by the masses. Get your Masters . I ended up getting my Masters with an emphasis on international business , due my desire and interest. Once done I assumed that I would get multiple opportunities presented after sending out some resumes.  Well that did not happen.  Much of this was thought and lack willingness and direction to take the extra mile.  


There is nothing wrong with a career path or going to school. Give your employers your best effort and do your best in school. There, however, are many things, you may not learn. 


One is the power of thought.   Edwin C. Barnes wanted to be in business with Thomas Edison. He imagined, envisioned, and would not stop until this became a reality.  


Barnes jumped a freight train to Orange, New Jersey due limited funds. He approached Edison. He was just an ordinary man. He, however, secured employment with Edison’s organization. Years later Edison said that Barnes was hired because he saw from his expression that he would do whatever it took to get what he wanted. In other words Barnes was a bulldog. A bulldog sinks their teeth into something and will not let go. 


This did not happen overnight, but Barnes, kept focus, and belief in his dream.  He eventually got the opportunity to partner with Edison by selling his dictating machines all over the country. He achieved his visions and became wealthy.   Most ordinary folks would have worked for a period of time, gotten frustrated, and moved on to some thing else, then something else, etc. The cycle repeats itself. 


I followed the same path for years.  I eventually realized that I needed to have the thought and belief that the wealth is there for me. I had to believe before I will receive.    Barnes is one example.  There could be plenty more examples, if folks had the belief in themselves in order to drive on through the down moments, which everyone has. 


Down moments is when the naysayers and self talk will give the okay to slow down or stop completely.  Do what Barnes did: put the blinders on and run! 


This should be the attitude in all of life’s endeavors.  Most Network marketers will fail because they did not put the blinders on. Most imagine making a lot of money in the beginning, but will quit at the first sign of disappointment. They will not follow the Barne’s philosophy.  


Thank you Michael and Linda Dloughy for your selfless commitment to this program. Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me. Thank you Everyone who participates on these weekly calls. 


Michael Simon