Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2019-12-10


The Man Who Thought His Way Into 
Partnership With Thomas Edison 

Thoughts are thingd and powerful things at that.

In this chapter we have several stories about people that received exactly what they wanted expressed in different ways.

Edward C Barnes made up his mind that he wasa going to go into business with the Great Thomas edison. 

Although he had absdolutely nothing but deterimination and will power to obtain the goal he had set for himself.

The little girl that was determined to set to accomplish the goal set out ( my mommy's gota have that fifty cents) and she did not give up until she go0t what she came for.

That remindws me of a story I heard at an insurace seminar years ago. The speaker said that we should all have the persistence a child because they don't take no for an answer.

He put his son to bed and just a few minutes later his son says (daddy can I have a drink of water) the fater say no you can not have any more water. Now go to sleep within a few minute again (daddy can I have a drink of water) and again he says No go to sleep. few min. later he again ask (daddy can I have a drink of water) This time the dad replys If you don't go to sleep I going to come with the belt the boy replies(daddy when you bring the belt will you bring me some  water) 

When those negative thoughts enter our subconcious mind we need to do as Michael says (STOP IT)

YES I have learned so much about myself and what I need to do each and every day to be a Happy and Sucessful Entreprneur
husband, father, brother and person in my life.

It has almost become a habit that regardless of what I am doing I find myself saying my self talk. This has been such an inspiring and helpful master mind group for me.

Thank you to Linda & Michael Dlouhy for having the forsight first for publishing the Success in 10 Steps and then creating this awesome platform when they had all kinds of opposition that it will not work.Thank You Thank You Thank You

All of you that read, post and participate in the discussion. I appreciate it because I am constantly learning even at my age.

Last but certainly by Friend,Sponsor and mentor that you exactly what I was looking for and put i8t out there for me to see.

Bill Riske

Houston Tx.