Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bilal Muhammad EULESS, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-12-09

I like to thank Mr Nathan Grimes for Coaching me and not giving up on me. 

Thought are things is a interesting Chapter. I want to personally develop a successful mindset and learn from my past mistakes so I can do better now in the present. 

I have the Desire to become a successful business owner but reading this Chapter I realize that not having focus on a Definite Major Purpose has been one of my biggest mistakes. I am trying to do too many business Opportunities all at once at the same time instead of focusing on one definite Business. I have different Conference Calls going on at the same time. It gets to the Point where I feel overwhelmed and most of the time just don't do anything! I have some tough decisions to make now that I've came to the Reality of  the truth of what my Younger Brother has been telling me the whole time that I need to focus on one Business.

As a side note Personally I believe that the Creator created the Ether, everything that exists in the Heavens and the Earth, and is the Infinite Intelligence referred to through this Book. And I believe that a Color of our Skin doesn't makes one human superior over another. That the Creator looks at what's in our Hearts not at the Color of our Skin. 

Before becoming a Muslim I was on my way to becoming a racist because of what I was seeing during the 60's and 70's but Islam and learning the Correct Belief in the Creator saved from falling into the ignorance of being a racist,  and to clarify that only thing that groups like ISIS have in common with Islam is their claim to be Muslims but in reality and practice they are far from Islam and Islam is free of the Crimes they do in the name of Islam. 

I witnessed American Soldiers during Desert Shield Desert Storm saying  we hate Saudi Soldiers coming in and saying they not bad people after all once they got a chance to interact in a Joint Training Exercise.