Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2019-12-05

Chapter 15, Six Ghosts of Fear

Mr. Hill closes his book of “Think and Grow Rich,” with an inventory of ourselves.  We need to take this inventory to find our what fears if any we have in our life.

We all have had problems with the fears he tells us about but we can find solutions for them.  There are solutions for these fears if we look for them.

The symptoms are when we find we are finding trouble making  decisions, we have doubt, and this leads to fear.  Mr.  Hill names six of these fears which inflict most people.  The cure for these fears in my way of thinking is to take action to eliminate these fears.  We must analyst as to what  specific fears we have. Why do we have them?  Then because we know that fear is false evidence appearing real, we can take action.

We must have Faith our Fear is false.  We need to prove to ourselves this is true.  What are the Facts?   Is there a solution?  

When we find out the facts and get a solution, we have to learn to stand by that solution until our life changes because of it.  We know that our solution is right when  we have the right facts.  This happens when we have evidence that is real. Is this evidence something that is visible?  Are we becoming a better person?  Do we have a moral and noble attitude. 

We learn our associations are people that understand that we are following a path of self- development.  At the same time we know not only ourselves but others are searching  to do the same thing.  This is where Mentoring for Free has become a place for all of us to know we are in a safe place.  All  of the participants are accepting of us and know the journey we are traveling.  They are accepting and helpful.

Thank you to Linda and Michael for starting such a group and helping us all to realize our potential 

Ethel Van Zanten\

Tucson, AZ.