Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Phil Gregory LaFayette, GA, United States

Posted: 2019-12-03

Indecision, doubt and fear have ben too much a part of my life. I am sure I have 'missed out' because of this triplet. 

I remember telling the story of when he won a BMW at a convention. When he heard they were going to give the car away, he made the decision that HE was going to go there and win it. He put a lot of energy into winning this car. He went and looked at one, sat in it, smelled it, felt it, visualized it being his. Daily for a few months, he closed his eyes and mentally imagined hiself with the car. He even went as far as visualizing himself winning it. He bought one way tickets, made arangements to visit a friend on the way back home, since he will be driving, and He went there and won the car. Absolutely no indecision, doubt or fear. All because he set him mind on it and had no negative thoughts about it.

I have not forgotten that story and I have visualized myself becoming that confident that I can do it. However, when I buy a lottery ticket, I still go to work. You know, just in case I lose. I stopped myself from starting a business because, 'it might fail'. I joined a network marketing company and I kept my other job too...Just in case...  

Well, its time to put the triplets behind me. As Lauren Daigle has been singing lately - "FEAR IS A LIAR". 

As far as my WHY - It is time to smell it, feel it, pray about it, dream about it and visualise about it and know - WITHOUT A DOUBT - that it is mine.

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