Think & Grow Rich Lessons
J Greene bridgetown, st michael, Barbados

Posted: 2016-03-21

Auto suggestion

Auto suggestion is a huge factor when it comes to creating your chief aim because

you program your subconscious mind using this power of thought. To sum it up in

a simple way auto suggestion is a repeated thought, telling yourself something over

and over again. By doing this you will eventually come to believe what it is you are

thinking about no matter how big or small it will become your truth. Its is your subconscious

mind or some may call it the higher mind that controls everything that happends in our

lives, so it is very important that we program the higher mind using auto suggestion with 

things that we want not things we don't want. It does not matter if the thought is a negative

one or a positive one, or if you see that thought as the truth or a lie you will believe

in whatever it is. This is why this concept is so powerful because you get what you

believe. You make the choices you make in life from whatever you are believing in

which then causes the actions you make. Everything we do is always lined up with a belief.

For example if you believe that it is cold outside you will put on a jacket, and if you believe

that you might run into trouble you may leave home with some sort of protection. Its best

to take full advantage of this power and choose your beliefs deliberately and live a deliberate