Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Peter Boswell Narre Warren, Victoria, AU

Posted: 2016-03-20


There are no Limitations to the Mind except those we Acknowledge,

Both Poverty & Riches are the Offspring of Thought,  (NH)

We all have our negative & positive thoughts, they are influenced by our natural surroundings within our lives ,

how we react to these positive & negative influences is determined by friends, family & peer groups .

In order to attain a positive subconscious mind we must reduce the negative influences that invade & persuade    

how we think, the way we react to these negativities with positive thoughts overcoming the negative with

PERSISTENCE Desire & Faith to one's ultimate goals, IF you were to Persistently reinforce your thoughts into

your subconscious Mind with positive thoughts along with your plans & path of achievement ,

you will conquer all you set out to achieve.

SUCCESS comes to those who become SUCCESS CONCONSCIOUS. (NH)

Changing ones subconscious thoughts could be as simple as this story of childs book , I know I can't, I know I can't.

maybe I can ,maybe I can , I think I can ,I think I can , I KNOW I CAN , I KNOW I CAN.

Persistence is the key ,along with Desire & Faith ,Auto-Suggestion with Persistence will keep your Desire & Faith moving

in your direction, stay focused by influencing the mind with PERSISTENT positive thoughts.


Peter Boswell