Think & Grow Rich Lessons

Posted: 2016-03-19

What I learned from this lesson is that you must plant thoughts of success in exchange for what you want to accomplish. Lets say you want to build a computer from scratch. What parts do you need? How much memory does it need to have to run at a given speed? When do you want to start the project and when you want to end it. That is the same way of setting a financial goal to earn enough money to travel to where you want to head out on vaction. Zig Ziglars example in his audio How To Get What You Want says it all. You can go to Accupoco if you get this done and that done today. List what needs to be done and just do it. Plant thoughts of fruits, veggies, whole grains and white meat! Leave out the steak, cheese doodles, Twinkees and Hostess Cup Cakes. Also leave out Budwiser, Scotch Tequila and Whiskey. Take nutritional supplements like Greens and Drink what you are moslty made of because water makes your health complete!

Lawrence Bergfeld