Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2019-10-23

Think and Grow Rich, Chapter 9 – Persistence

The Sustained Effort Necessary To Induce Faith


As I read this chapter, I looked back over my years in Network Marketing.  What I realized is that we were persistent…only to a point.  We went full steam ahead and then stopped. 

Fortunately, I always had the feeling that this network marketing concept should work and my husband and I started out right off the bat when we were first married in a company.  We were not properly trained and technology was not a part of this industry.

Our experience was futile.  We had our little home filled with product and experienced the 3 foot rule, talking with everyone within 3 feet.  Our friends and family supported us, yet even though they loved us, they were not as interested in talking when the subject of our products came up.  Plus we had lots & lots of paperwork.

Later….20 years later, we still had the sense that this industry could be a lifesaver when backup income was needed.  We started with another company.  This time there was no product storage, no reports and a lot of help from technology.  We jumped right in and rented a hotel room weekly and had a couple hundred folks in the room.  We worked hard, made calls and helped our team.  Somehow though, we did not make as much money as we put into it and though we moved up the ranks, we questioned how this would sustain us, if necessary and we stopped.  My husband thought it might be better to own a company.

There was a brief time when he and a friend joined with a corporate person from another company & they started a company.  We got out of it within a year as it was a real hassle and the headache was not worth doing it.  For all I know, it may be still open…or not

After another 20 years, I really started looking into this industry once more. My husband was toast and wished me well, continuously saying, “I hope it works.”  A real downer for me.

So, in the past 10—15 years, I have joined friends I respected to be in companies with them and I have tried many of them. Through the whole thing, I saw leaders making the big money while the rest of the people struggled.  I left the last one because I knew one of the big leaders, she was my friend’s daughter.  She had a real desire to help others and felt bad that her team was not making money and that she was letting them down..  It was more of a family activity, but only paid the top folks.  I stopped trying to build a business and just used some of the products to help my friend. Her daughter went back to the corporate world and is not in network marketing at all.

Then one day I got an email from Mentoring for Free.  I laughed.  I wondered what the bottom line was going to be.  Where was the request for money?  I got that email 6 or 7 times and finally my curiosity made me respond.  I still did have the feeling that I just had not learned how to do this business, so I started with the eBook, sent Michael my WHY and took the Bootcamp. My eyes opened and my hopes rose and I felt like I finally had the opportunity to do this business and be successful.  I learned HOW to choose a company that gave me a chance.  It has taken time as I had to try all my own ways of doing things, but finally, I am coachable and am excited at the reality of creating our dream retirement with the tremendous help of Mentoring For Free, Michael and Linda’s lifeline for us all.

Thank you so very much Michael and Linda for your willingness to help us all understand and succeed in this industry.  My persistent level is high, my Faith is strong and I don’t see it stopping again.  There is no place else I want to go.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado