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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-10-23




Long term financial success will not happen without persistence. Average Janes and Joes will see the Uber wealthy business tycoons as blood thirsty sharks and outright ruthless. A few yes, but most was from persistent habits they live by hour to hour, day to day, month to month and year to year.


Hill references  Henry Ford quite a bit. Many in his time frame considered him ruthless. No he followed all his plans with persistence.  


Most people who want and care about success as far as finances, freedom, and choices, throw up their arms at the first fork in the road.  One can’t get investment funding, a potential client says no in the early days, or the biggest reason is criticism from somebody they know well. This will knock most right out of the game.


Every successful entrepreneur from the beginning of time, who changed the world probably took on some criticism.  Fred Smith of Federal Express in the previous lesson did. Another example is Howard Schultz. 


Schulz was hired in the mid eighties by a small coffee company Seattle to manage retail sales and marketing. He and his wife moved across country from New York for this opportunity. A year later Schulz noticed on a buying trip to Milan Italy the significance of coffee was to the Italian Culture.  People would stop for a rich cup of coffee on the way to work in the morning and others would stop for a cup of coffee on the way home to visit with friends or work associates.   He envisioned this in the United States. The coffee was of high quality and had strong conviction this would work. He traveled back to Seattle and the idea was shot down by the owners at that time.


He was obsessed with this idea so he ended up leaving the company in nineteen eighty six to start a coffee bar, which was an immediate success. Soon he opened up another one in Seattle and Vancouver. The following year he purchased the company he left and kept the firm’s name of Starbucks.  


Schulz envisioned Starbucks across the Country where folks could meet for business, socializing, etc. Individuals could meet in a safe clean place for a first date vs. a cocktail lounge. The  company suffered major losses  for a few years. The firm lost one million in nineteen eight nine alone. Schulz remained focused and persistent on his idea. Eventually the company became profitable in Seattle and they slowly branched out.   Today Starbucks is a household name for a higher priced cup of coffee as McDonald’s is to fast food.  Stores are everywhere.    This happened because Schulz had the vision, developed a plan and was persistent.  


Tough Times come and go. Another notable individual in modern history is Bruce Lee.  Lee was an talented Asian Martial Artist and teacher. His talent help him get some TV roles, which put the desire in him to do bigger projects. Lee was the perfect fit for the TV show Kung Fu. He screen tested well and expected to get the part. Unfortunately he was passed over and David Carradine received the role. The was a discouraging set back for Lee who briefly considered returning to teaching due to financial challenges. 


Lee, fortunately had strong support from the Asian community to not give up. He began acting in smaller budget films in Asia. His persistence and dedication paid off. Eventually his reputation as a martial artist and actor made Bruce Lee a household name. Although he he died early at the age of thirty two, his legend lives on. He is the one who made Asia Martial Arts main stream.  Since then we have had Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal, and Chuck Norris. There, however, will only be one Bruce Lee.


Persistence applies to Network Marketing. We all have our bad days, challenges,, naysayers, etc. Family and Friends mean well, but some may criticize because they don’t understand. Then there are the few  who will challenge and mock you, because they are Turkeys and pinheads.    


Many will quit at the first sign of trouble. The few that succeed, will be because they put the blinders on and are persistent to weather the storm. Bruce Lee had   A community that encouraged him to stick with acting. We need a community of likeminded individuals that encourage us.   


Mentoring for Free is the perfect Community. Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this wonderful program. Thank you Rick Burnett for contacting me. Thank you to all who bring their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom to these weekly calls.


Michael Simon