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Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2019-10-09

Think and Grow Rich –Chapter 7 - Organized Planning

The Crystallization of Desire into Action – the Sixth Step toward Riches

Chapter 7 addresses both personal and governmental organized planning.  My lesson will address only the personal..

Hill suggests a great deal of personal evaluation in this chapter.  Before we can be “Organized Planners,” we must do a conditioning similar to an athlete.  First, what is our attitude toward interaction with others on our team & what is our Leadership ability? 

Do we think in terms of how outstanding our plays will be….much better than anyone else’s?  Will we cheer the great plays of others or sulk, because the play was not given to us?  Do we encourage the other players and give helpful tips mixed with praise that show we care?  Are we kind when we lose or do we bully the other team?  Hill points out that in both the sales of service and merchandise, our demeanor and concern for others matters.

Next we must consider our excuses.  Hill lists 30 reasons for failure.  If it is our desire to feel sorry for ourselves, we can look through that list and choose the ones that will excuse us from becoming financially successful.

If excuses are not what we are looking for, then Hill gives us a self-analysis to fill out every year.  This helps us change whateveris needed and  is our ticket to improvement.

So with this done, we are ready to create (or rewrite) our practical plan for marketing either personal services or merchandise and he shows us how and where to do just that. 

We start by actually counting our blessings, including the freedoms we hopefully have to choose our own path.  We also assess our capital, which, in addition to the money we have, also includes the personal gifts we possess and the multiple gifts of those in the master mind group we join or form, (for which Hill lists the necessary ingredients.)

So, with the attitude of giving….we move forth on our path to success, abundance and joy, with only one challenge left to meet.  That challenge is discovering that our plan does not work.  This obstacle can only  be overcome by not sinking into fearful discouragement, but, by faithfully fixing or replacing the plan.  If necessary this solution may need to be done several times on the road to success. The only thing to fear that will absolutely cause our failure…is quitting.

Thanks to Michael and Linda for already creating the master mind group with Hill’s conditions.  We so appreciate you.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado