Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2019-10-07

Chapter 7

Organized Planning!

From The Book,

Think And Grow Rich!


No man is ever whipped, until he quits, in his own mind.

No man is ever whipped, until he quits, in his own mind.

Napoleon Hill,


I have learn, that when you take on projects you learn.

A few years back I made the decision to take on the project

Of becoming the best me I can be, to take on the project of

Finding  talents with in me.  I had no idea what type of person

I am, never gave it much thought.

The project I was taking on was 60 years of letting somebody

ells do my thinking for me, 60 years of being a follower,

60 years of having no goals  no direction in life.

Changing old negative thinking habits, just get by thinking habits

Not easy.

Here at Mentoring For Free we get truthful accurate information.

Learn How To Think Not What To Think. 

Michael often tells us about the projects him and his family

Take on, the people they meet, the ideas they come up with.

Step by step Michael goes over the details with us, I get the

Impression they are very well Organized, they set a very good

Example for us.

Building a large Network Marketing business, it’s a big project,

We can take action learn and grow at the same time.

I had this believe that I could find the right people to re build

Our neighborhood lake, I had never done anything like this

Before, my thoughts are I have to put a team together, with the

Specialized Knowledge that we need.  Then we can start getting

Organized on who does what.  I now have an alderman to work


Thank you Michael and Linda, and my Master Mind Friends,

We are Mentoring For Free!

Think And Grow Rich Lessons!

Marty Roe,

Pine Bluff, Arkansas!