Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2019-10-05

The bottom line of this Chapter is that you either are going in the direction of poverty or riches NOT both.


Plans must be WRITTEN down and 

whatever on your to do list must be checked off when done!


Henry Ford became wealthy because he wrote down his plan of action and took massive action. As he took massive action he checked off his to do list whatever task he completed.


People who had a better education than him lived in poverty because they failed to plan therefore they planned to fail and that was the end result.


Henry Ford started out as an INTELLIGENT FOLLOWER by doing the tasks his mastermind group has done. He did not have to have a college degree to be coachable.


And knowledge will attract money if its put into action. He manufactured and sold the cars! First it was the Model T which was black then it was the Model A car!


Be a Henry Ford and avoid being a Samuel Insull who lost a fortune of 100 Million Dollars by failing to create new plans to replace the ones that do not work.


Here at Mentoring For Free we teach skills to attract clients and teach them to do the same! The more skills you can TEACH to others where you got RESULTS from the better. And the more you teach it the better you get!


Take action now because the longer you wait your enthusiasm decreases and your fear increases. ACTION takes you out of DOUBT and that kills fear! Just do what others won’t today so that you can have what others can’t tommorow!


Lawrence Bergfeld 


PS: Do you have a plan to achieve your goals? First of all the meaning of a goal is a dream with a deadline. Create a plan for achieving your goal!

How many customers do I need to hit this rank?

How many distributors do I need?

How many ebook downloads?

Do I have a deadline?


”Stop talking and start doing!” Salt Disney