Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-09-18

Auto Suggestion


Our subconscious mind is where the mission of success or failure begins.  No thought either positive or negative enters the mind without Auto Suggestion.  It is our control to accept or reject these thoughts. In other words this falls on our shoulders.  It’s not the bozo who drives slow in the morning, the abrasive boss, or nosey relative. This is on us!


Most people either don’t know or practice this principle, which results in a life of mediocrity and failure.    We need to tell ourselves daily that we are successful and worthy. We will win.  I remember reading and listening to Les Brown years back. He said, “It’s not over till I win!” This statement has been in my Brain ever since. There are times when I have to pull this out of my visual cortex: the long term storage compartment of the brain. Most of us get in s funk from time to time. That is life.


We need to imagine the ourselves succeeding: the amount of money, freedom, helping others, etc.   Verbally telling ourselves that we are worthy.


We need to how much money we will have, when we will have it, and what will come from it.  It is best to write this down and put a copy of this where we can see it or always have access to it until it is memorized in our visual cortex.  


I always say and believe reading positive material, listening to the helpful material, watching uplifting programs, and association with positive people as much as possible influence our auto suggestion. Chances are you will need have a positive outlook if you read the newspaper from front to back or watch CNN for hours a day. The same goes to spending multiple hours on a stool at the local tavern.  These are all choices and are on us. 


Mentoring for Free is an opportunity to associate with plosives like minded people with a goal to win. It is s positive influence that will put the right thoughts through are Auto Suggestion vs. the negative garbage that is around is consistently.  Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program. Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out and introducing this program to me. Thank you to everybody who brings their knowledge, wisdom, and experiences to the table weekly.


Michael Simon