Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Watson Baltimore, MD, United States

Posted: 2019-09-15

FAITH, DESIRE, IMAGINATION, and PERSISTENCE leads to SUCCESS. RICHES begin in the form of thought. IDEAS plus FAITH makes DREAMS reality. According to the Bible, Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. BELIEF must be transmuted into the subconscious through the four concepts mentioned above in chapter 3. I must BELIEVE $10,000 per month is possible and visualize it daily until it's in my subconscious. This leads me to act on my specific plan in which to attain this wealth. FAITH and BELIEF really hit home for me this past week. I coach a JV Girls soccer team where I work at a high school. This is my second season as a head coach after eight seasons as an assistant for the boys program. I took over a program so immersed in utter failure and futility that it was in danger of being terminated completely. FAITH, BELIEF, IMAGINATION, and PERSISTENCE, along with A LOT of personal prayer lead to SUCCESS. The team had not won a game or even scored a goal for THREE YEARS before I took over last year. I set goals of scoring at least one goal and tie one game. We far exceeded those expectations, scoring three goals, tieing two games, and winning two games, one against one of our rival schools in the county. This season as in last season, there are many problems inhibiting success. However, team bonding through parents hosting a pasta dinner made a world of difference. We began season this past Monday with a 2-0 victory over a county rival school that we tied 0-0 last season, then major adversity came on Thursday, when we were thoroughly thrashed 8-0 by a much larger school from another surrounding county. Needless to say, I wasn't in the best frame of mind after suffering my worst defeat as a coach, so much so that I failed to execute my six step plan to convert DESIRE into reality. I felt out-coached, my team thoroughly out-worked and discouraged, and my future prospects looking bleak, as we face a team this coming Monday who defeated us 7-0 last season. I met with my team at practice on Friday to go over with them their thoughts on what can be learned and corrected from the game, but first and foremost, how can we as a team respect each other enough to play as a team working toward SUCCESS despite the fact that girls don't always get along to say the least. I have BELIEF that the IDEA of at least being competitive and winning brings IMAGINATION of a plan of action to PERSISTENTLY do that which leads to continued growth and SUCCESS.

Chapter 4 focuses on the power of auto-suggestion. The combination of FAITH and EMOTION in reciting my plan and positive self-talk that I'm thankful, I'm joyful, and I'm relieved. CONCENTRATION on visualizing the $10,000 per month in my brain until it's in my subconscious and repeating it daily. Following ALL of this book's instructions. I must apply this thought process to my coaching as well. FAITH combined with EMOTION that visualizes competitiveness and victory! CONCENTRATION on the things necessary to be done to accomplish these goals. IDEA plus FAITH transmutes into reality. RICHES, VICTORY, AND SUCCESS begin in the form of thought...get knocked down, get back up again... Thanks for letting me share!