Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2019-09-11

Faith is the “eternal elixir” which gives life, power and action to the impulse of thought.

Faith is a state of mind.  How we acquire Faith is to repeat affirmations or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is that part of the brain that is working 24/7.  When we repeat affirmations we must have faith and belief that they are true.  We must have our mind only on what we are telling our mind.  It is the way it is said and  whether the subconscious mind believes it or not.  Our mind can work in such a way that we can be thinking about one thing and saying another.  When I have many things on my mind, I can be agreeing with someone and not knowing what I am agreeing to.  As a result, neither what I am thinking or what I am saying are very effective.  Usually what I am  thinking wins out.  I am sure that other people do this too.

When we are talking with a prospect for our business, having their complete attention is very important.  We must observe whether they are looking at us, what they are doing with their body.  This is easier when we are talking face to face.  When we contact prospects on line, it is more difficult.  What I have found in knowing whether the prospect is really listening is how they answer us on-line. Do they answer, if they do are they answering the questions you ask?  Do they show by the words they use whether they are really wanting to connect with you?  Maybe they show an interest in connecting but when you give them a phone call they are unavailable or don’t seem to know who you are.  

All of the above actions by ourselves and by our prospects are ways we can use our belief and Faith in network marketing.  We must learn to know we can’t have one thing on our mind and talk about another thing.  To develop Faith in network marketing we must concentrate on what is being said and have a belief and faith our prospect is doing the same.    In order to get acquainted and learn to know our contacts we need to observe, listen, and know and believe that we will connect.  

To develop Faith and Belief in our prospects we must always talks to our subconscious in a positive way.  Using words such as the names of the positive emotions is a start. They are Desire, Love Sex, Romance Enthusiasm, Faith, Hope, and Prosperity and are the seven most important positive emotions.  Make sentences with them.  I am going to use the following:

Prosperity and Success are my natural state of mind. People naturally respond to me and are curious about what I have to say.  

There are many more we can use and it is wise to change your self-talk periodically especially when it gets boring saying it over and over.  The positive emotions seem to disappear. I think this is what I need to do because my mind is thinking about other things if it is bored.

Thank  you master mind group for all of your contributions that help everyone to BE what they want to become.  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you. 

Ethel Van Zanten

Tucson, Arizona