Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2019-08-14

Chapter 14-Sixth Sense


I have always believed I think that there was some kind of Sixth Sense or an angel in our life that guides us in the right way if we only let it.  

I came to this realization again when I read the chapter.  I have read this chapter so many times but this time the quote by Edison really stuck in my mind.

It is as follows:


You are destined to witness the discovery of the secret of life. When the time comes, you will observe that life consists of great swarms of energy, or entities, each as intelligent as human beings think themselves to be. These units of life group together like hives of bees, and remain together until they disintegrate, through lack of harmony.

These units have differences of opinion, the same as human beings, and often fight among themselves. These meetings which you are conducting will be very helpful to you. They will bring to your rescue some of the same units of life which served the members of your Cabinet, during their lives. These units are eternal. THEY NEVER DIE! Your own thoughts and DESIRES serve as the magnet which attracts units of life, from the great ocean of life out there. Only the friendly units are attracted—the ones which harmonize with the nature of your DESIRES.” Napoleon Hill

To me, what this means is that the sixth sense is really true and the trouble we have in the world is related to the fact that the differences of opinion get in the way.  This should not happen and if people would try and realize and understand opinions of other people we would come to a clearer understanding of people in general.  

I am also reminded of a time when I had a dream of my mother after she died.  She had been gone for only about two months when this happened.  The dream consisted of her talking to me and saying that I should not worry because everything was going to be all right.  This was so real to me that when I awoke I went to her bedroom to see if she were in her bed.  Of course, she was gone but I know that it was my sixth sense  reaching out to her and she answered.  At that time, since I was the oldest child I was worried about my brother who was only 14 and what would happen to him.  My sister insisted that he could go live with her since she was married and had a home.  I was still single and she thought that it wouldn’t be right for him to live with me.  My brother didn’t like the conflict between my sister and I so he went to live with his Dad who lived in Utah. I lived in Washington at the time. The dream helped me to realize that even though we wouldn’t see that much of my brother that it was the best solution. 

Thank you mastermind for letting me share.  It is strange how we can read and even listen sometimes and not get what the true meaning of what we read or of what is being expressed in a conversation is and how it is important to really listen or read what is really meant. Thank you Thank you Thank you.