Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jeff Champagne Gansevoort, New York, United States

Posted: 2019-08-14

This being my first post let me start out by saying I am GRATEFUL to Bob Shoaf for opening a door that I so desperately needed to enter. Disillusioned with Network marketing, I needed this group. Thank you Bob and Thank you Michael. The sixth sense..... As a believer in Christ as saviour I know the "Sixth Sense" to be the Holy Spirit that resides is me. As I read the book Think and Grow Rich, I stand in awe at the greatness and vastness of God. At how he created our brains. It is by no mistake how he has wired us, and at the capacity at which the brain can operate. We will never in our lifetime know all that we can actually do with our brain. 

But that Sixth Sense, that Hunch as Bob called it, is paramount in our decision making. We should be CONFIDENT with our Sixth Sense, knowing that is is direct communication from God to us for our BENEFIT. That confidence is fed on positive thinking. One might say ...well we are to have the mind of Christ.... that is true.... but I am pretty sure Jesus was a positive guy. He knew who he was and what his PURPOSE was. A positive mind leads to confidence, confidence feeds faith, faith always results in purpose. This we can be sure of.

Trust today in your Sixth Sense... let that mental minset lead you to your purpose.... step by step. I end this with an attitude of gratitude. 



Jeff Champagne