Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2019-08-10

The Sixth Sense

The Door To The Temple Of Wisdom

The Thirteenth Step Toward Riches 

The thirteenth principle is known as the sixth sense, through which Infinite Inteligence may and will communicate voluntarily,without any effort from or demands by the individual.


Hill says that the sixth sense can not be described to a person that has not mastered the other principoles of this philosophy..


Understanding the sixth sense comes only by meditation and mind development that comes from within.


In 2006 my wife and I were on our way to work early in the morning to our school bus driving job.

It was misting rain and still partially dark in a turn lane at  the signal light, when we were struck from the rear by a vehicle estimated going

about sixty miles an hour trying to stop for the signal light and because of the wet street hit our car.


Both my wife and I had fractured ribs and and other minor injuries.


Our daughter told us later that she had a dream about a week ago that we were in a serious accident.


Was this the sixth sense that our daughter experienced, I don't know because we had no knowledge of the sixth sense. It may have been.


I am learning so much from these lessons. I look forward to the day when I can master these principals.


I again want to thank Linda & Michael Dlouhy for This awesome training and the Mentoring For Free platform, where I am able to listen and participate in this training.


I wish to thank Bob Shoaf who continually encourages me and gives me tidbits of information and ideas to further my training and knowledge

I also thank all the participants that participate in these calls daily and give me the opportunity constantly improve my knowledge.

Bill Riske

Houston Texas