Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Harvey Huggins Los Angeles, California, USA

Posted: 2019-07-31

Chapter 12

The Subconscious Mind


The subconscious mind is something I’ve been aware of for many years, but I never took the time to really study it thoroughly.  There are many concepts in this chapter that resonated with me, but if I had to pinpoint one thing in particular, it would be how Napoleon Hill describes prayer and how the subconscious mind affects our heart’s desires through prayer.

“If you pray for a thing, but have fear as you pray, that you may not receive it, or that your prayer will not be acted upon by Infinite Intelligence, your prayer will have been in vain.”

This reminded me so much of myself.  I often pray while simultaneously having the fear that my prayer will not be answered.  Almost 3 years ago, I was the victim of a Ponzi scheme in which a financial advisor counseled me to get involved in a very complicated real estate deal.  Additionally, the advisor was recommended to me by someone from my retirement fund company.  Of course, I trusted them, but when this happened, I knew I couldn’t blame anyone but myself since I was the one who made the decision and I failed to do my due dilligence.  I invested about $25,000 and to make matters even worse, this was not money that I had earned, but it was part of money that I had inherited from my late aunt.  I was sick when I found out that money left to me by my aunt was used by some unscrupulous crook in order to further his own gain.  I have prayed for recovery of most, if not all of the money, but so far have only been able to recover a paltry $1,300. 

After reading this chapter, I know I’ve got to stop thinking negatively when I pray and train myself to only feed positive thoughts to my subconscious mind.

As always, many thanks to Michael and all of the participants in this group.