Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marisha Stewart Jefferson, OR, United States

Posted: 2019-07-17

Chapter 10 Power of the Mastermind

Power is required for the accumulation of money, and power is necessary for the keeping of money after it has been accumulated. Power is the organized effort that will enable you to turn this desire into money, through the efforts of two or more people working together.
The three sources of knowledge are Infinite intelligence, accumulated experience and experiment and research. The knowledge that is acquired from these three sources can be turned into power by organizing the knowledge into definite plans and putting those plans into action. 
In order to get power, you must have access to a Master Mind where you can use plans for the purpose of turning desire into money. Nobody can attain great power without being part and drawing strength from a carefully chosen mastermind. The intangible possibility of power available to you through the proper Mastermind group are both economic and psychic in nature. The great economic advantages that are created by being surrounded with the advice, counsel, and personal cooperation of a mastermind group cannot be overestimated. There is a form of energy that is created when a mastermind group gets together and works in harmony that cannot be measured. 

When a mastermind group becomes connected, the power from each mind creates energy that becomes available to every member in the group. Many great men in history, such as Henry Ford and Ghandi, have used the principle of the mastermind to accomplish miracles and acquire great riches! And this principle is available to anyone who wishes to use it! 

Another thing to consider is the power of Infinite Intelligence which is a great source of knowledge and power. Whenever two or more people work together in a spirit of harmony towards a definite goal, they put themselves in a position to receive power and knowledge directly from Infinite Intelligence. And Infinite Intelligence is never wrong! 
The power that can be used in the accumulation of money requires faith, desire and persistence with definite action, and the use of positive emotions, which leads to riches. 
ANYBODY can WISH for riches, and most people do, but only a few know that a definite plan, plus a BURNING DESIRE for wealth, are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth. 
 I’d like to end with this quote directly from the chapter: 
“Every man who has accumulated a great fortune, has recognized the existence of this stream of life. It consists of one’s THINKING PROCESS. The positive emotions of thought form the side of the stream which carries one to fortune. The negative emotions form the side which carries one down to poverty.”