Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-07-17


Power of the Mastermind 


Knowledge is power.  That is the right knowledge to be successful in your endeavor.   A good powerful leader, may not always have all the necessary, knowledge, education, and experience to be successful as they are. They, however, have access to individuals who have their specific niches of knowledge. Founders of any successful multinational company had a vision, desire, and persistence to do what they have done.  They as well had folks who brought the knowledge to the table they did not have. Everybody’s knowledge working together made these companies successful and in turn powerful.


An example is Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie had a mastermind group of fifty people around him. Same goes for Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, and Ross Perot.  


Ross Perot who recently passed away, was a very successful sales executive at IBM.  Many considered him foolish to leave IBM to start his own company 

Enhanced Data Systems. He had  the determination and desire, he had good people around him. They worked together and took won a huge computer contract over IBM.


Perot ran for President in 1992.  He was challenged in debates for his lack of government experience. He admitted he did not have the experience, but he had plenty of experience in getting things done. He would have probably done a great job. The unfortunate thing was the timing and there were not enough folks who were disgusted in the efficiency of our government. Things were slightly different in 2016. Enough folks wanted somebody who would actually get something done. 


This brings another example of a Mastermind team. No Presidential Administration is successful with the President doing everything. The Commander and Chief has a cabinet of knowledgeable, loyal, and dedicated individuals. Each had their specific Department. Working together brings a successful and powerful force.


We as individuals can dream, work hard, and may have some success in our network marketing endeavors. We, however, will not get as far as we can go, if we are not surrounded by others who can teach, encourage and support us. We need to surround ourselves with like minded individuals. We are lucky that we have access to the Mastermind group of Mentoring For Free.  We all bring our knowledge and experience to the table. Knowledge is power! 


Thank you Michael for founding Mentoring Free. Thank you Rick and all the wonderful folks of this mastermind group.