Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2019-07-10

For many years Ben You’ve just kept working on Your goal. Your first dream was a relationship of Your own. It took persistence to keep going seeking a relationship and becoming more as a husband and father. You have worked through becoming that better guy. Now Your married for life to the most beautifulist woman in the world.
Ben You have persisted with improving health, fitness and lifestyle. Going from a guy who barely knew any excercise at all. Weak muscles and needing to learn healthier habits to become so much healthier than You ever knew. You’ve been building Your empire for a long time now it’s going to work You just need to keep on going. You will find those right people in Your life to build new friends and share many adventure with.
You’ve kept working on being liked as a person but that took a way from who You were as You persisted in putting everyone else first. It’s time to be Yourself and live Your dream.
Thank you so much to my wonderful friends and family from mentoring for free who have been the best friends could ever ask for. Thank you especially to my mentors for life Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your guidance. Thank you so much my amazing friend and wife for life Jenny for Your own love.
Big hugs my wonderful loving friends
Your friend and mentor for life
Ben Drake
West Ryde Nsw
Helping families to live better lives