Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-07-10



To succeed and hit our Financial Dreams we need the desire.  As said in the last chapter we need to make the decision to do what needs to be done with the  major obstacles that will come.  


What keeps us going and makes us more effective and in turn successful is persistent.  It does not matter how good you are in the beginning or how much natural talent you have. I certainly haven’t. You will not succeed or be great if you’re not persistent.


Sports as usual offers plenty of examples.


Michael Jordan was athletic, but by no means the best in his early days. He had to the desire and determination.. His persistent habits is why he is considered by the majority to be the best basketball player in history..


Tiger Woods like Jordan also had ability, but his persistence is the reason he made it to the level he has.  I remember hearing a story of the time John Daly asked Tiger if he wanted to go out after a day on the links. Not sure where or what tournament venue? Tiger said no and needed to go to the gym and do do other training which helps course performance. He also mentioned that Daly had much more raw talent than he ever had.  He had the persistence to put in the extra time.  Daly grew up in the same part of Missouri I did. I had the pleasure of watching him play and knew folks that were classmates of his.  He was like able  person and great athlete.  He, however, did not have the persistence that Tiger had.   As mentioned in this chapter, habits are one of the causes of persistence.  Daly had some limiting habits. Nice guy, entertaining, and  had some great moments, but he was not the best.


Another golfer is the Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus.  He has won the most majors of any golfer in history. When he was growing up, he hit buckets of balls everyday, played multiple holes and did anything that would make him better.  Like Tiger, he had the persistence. Did they ever have a bad tournament or other setback? Of course, but they carried on.    


These are just a few examples.


A couple of business examples covered in this chapter are Dominoes Pizza and Federal Express. Tom Monaghan of Dominoes and Fred Smith had more than their fair share of challenges from naysayers, lawsuits and other roadblocks. They never backed down because they had the desire, made the decision, and were persistent.  


This goes for the same in our network marketing businesses. We all have the desire and make the decision to do this.  Our success will not happen, if we don’t have the persistence that will carry us through the tough moments.


One of the things mentioned in this chapter is a friendly alliance with folks who will encourage us to follow through with our plan and purpose.  Sure we all have a good support system in our networks.  Plus, we all have the benefit of encouraging each other in Mentoring for Free. We are all on similar paths which require PERSISTENCE!


Thank you Michael, Rick, and every encouraging individual with Mentoring for Free.