Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-06-26

Chapter 8





Nobody plans to fail at something.. They don’t meet their long term goals because they “Fail to Plan!”


One of the steps in turning our desire of financial success is an organized plan..


A similar analogy to our Financial Desires is a Military Operation.


A successful mission starts with an operations order, OPORD for short. This consist of 5 key components


  1. Situation ( Interest, Terrain, Enemy Forces, friendly forces, etc.)
  2. Mission- A concise statement which includes the 5 W’s : who, what, where, when an why.
  3. Execution- how the mission includes the commanders intent, concept of operation, task of units involved, etc.
  4. Sustainment which is logistics, personnel support, medical, etc.
  5. Command and Control , which is Commander’s location, succession of command, signal support, etc.


A Military Mission of any size in the Armed Forces follows this format.. This format if followed is the game plan to a successful mission.. No significant military operation begins before a drafted and distributed OPORD.. These orders can come from the Pentagon and downward: divisions, Brigades, Battalions, and Company (line units.)


D Day would have never been success without a useful OPORD!


As Network Marketers we need a set plan.  This is our individual OPORD, which has less moving parts.. Mine is.


  1. Situation- what are my financial goals.
  2. Mission- a concise statement which includes me/family, network business, time frame, and why do it.  * I Michael Simon has a 5 year goal to gross $12,000 + income a month in a five year time frame in order to have less stress, more time and flexibility to do what we want to do as a family, without the financial constraint.
  3. Execution-How is this going to happen? How many people needed too help as a customer or partner. Number of contacts, meetings, etc.
  4. Sustainment- supporting customers as a professional and partners by teaching them the duplicatable system.


The military OPORD has two types of orders.. The first is the warning order, which is the initial order.. The next is a FRAGO(Fragmentary Order) . The situation is subject to change..  


The same goes with our plans..We at times may fail and can miss a desired goal. At times adjustments will need to be updated..  This brings one major difference.. If a military operation fails, bad things happen, which can lead to casualties..   It, however, is okay to fall down in Network Marketing. We only permanently fail if we quit!  Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win!


Thank you Rick Burnett, Michael Dlouhy and all the dedicated members of Mentoring for Free..