Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2019-06-25

The bottom line is PLAN, DO, REVIEW, ADJUST and learn MORE skills. Prospects want to be sponsored by someone who is GOING PLACES. They do NOT want to sit in someones car who is just driving around the block without any destination. 97% of mindset is NOT enough, without the 3% your car will remain in its parking spot. And as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the longer your car sits in the garage the rustier it will be. Same with us, we are NO different. We either use what we have or we lose it. NOT both! Another thing to mention is what I learned from Earl Schoaff How To Become a Millionaire. Plant the seed of whatever you want. If you want tomatoes plant tomatoes, if you want a 4 bedroom house with a kitchen, fire place, living room, den, basement. How big will it be? Don't just say I want a house. And don't just say I want to earn $1000 per month. Wanting is NOT beleving. There are people who want to earn $1000 per month but in their bank account only $50 is comming in! You want to know why that is the case, its because of a lack of purpose and direction. Why do you want the money and how bad do want WHAT the money is going to do for you? Because as mentioned already many times pro athletes have money because of their talent. And talent is NOT intentional as John Maxwell said in Success magazine. They fail to ask themselves how will I make my money grow, how can I deduct MORE taxes. We want to avoid that mistake. 

Once you have the seed planted do NOT dig underground to find out when is it comming nor from where is it comming, because if you look for it then it wont come. You will ruin that seed. Same with people, we gotta follow directions and plant the seeds. We can't chase them down. As Big Al mentions in his book when you follow up with prospects, the more prospects you have and the more skills you have the more likely your prospect willl do business with you!

Lawrence Bergfeld