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Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2019-06-24

Organized Planning

The Crystalllization of Desirer Into Action 

The Sixth Step toward Riches

We learned in chapter two, to take six definite practical steps.

One of these steps is the formation of a definite, practical plan, or plans,Through which transformation will be made.

In this chapter we learn that if your first plan fails, You try another, untill you find a solid plan that works.

We also learn that the most intelligent person living can not succeed in accumulating money- nor in any other undertaking without plans that are practical and workable. 

Your achievement can be no greater than your plans are sound.

Quiters Never and Winners Never Quit!

Intelligent planning is essential for success in any undertaking designed to accumulate riches.

It is not a disgrace to be a follower. On the other hand it is no credit to remain a follower.

Many leaders have started as followers. They can become leaders because they are good followers.

The person  that follows a leader most efficiently can in most cases, is usually the person that develops into a leadership most rapidly.

The major 11 attributes of a leader are Unwavering Courage, Self Control, A keen sense of justice, definiteness of decision, definiteness of plans, the habit of doing more than paid for, a pleasing personality, sympathy and understanding, massterof detail, willingness to assume full responsibility and copeoration,

There are two forms of leadership, the most effective is leader ship by consent of, as taught by our (Mentoring For Free) mastermind group.

I again want to thank Michael and Linda Dlouhy for the (Success in 10 Steps) book the (Mentoring For Free) training,
all the recorded audio and video training. My sponsor Bob Shoaf, all the people that participate in (Think and Grow Rich )training and analysing the information

Thank You to all, I have learned so much and contine to Learn everyday.

Bill Riske
Houston Tex