Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-06-18


Chapter 6 Imagination 


2 types of Imagination 


  1. Synthetic- taking old concepts and plans and converting them to new combinations.  In my eyes this is trial and error.. It works for smaller matters.  As for the big picture, it creates nothing..


  2. Creative Imagination- All Big new ideas and inventions come from creative imagination..


A couple of examples..  


How many grown individuals on the planet earth have never heard of Coca Cola?  I am confident that it would be difficult to find someone.. Many folks enjoy a Coca Cola soft drink from time to time. 


Coke came from a little conversation, large Kettle and business transaction between a Doctor and drug clerk in a drug store.    Look at the Coca Cola Company today.. It’s just about everywhere and many other soft drinks are now part of Coca Cola family..  All began from a simple idea.  


Coke products are in every McDonalds that I have visited.. This mega organization began from a business relationship between  a small hamburger restaurant and a struggling salesman Ray Croc. 


Croc sold a number of milk shake machines to the McDonald brothers.  He got curious and checked their business out.  He was impressed with their system.. From this he saw a vision of a system that was duplicatable. Now there a McDonalds franchises everywhere you could imagine.. Not to mention most are profitable cash cows.. I do not know of too many McDonalds that have closed their doors..  


Besides Imagination this system is duplicatable, one of the pillars of success in network marketing.. The main difference between McDonalds and our network marketing endeavors is startup costs..  I would be thrilled to own a McDonalds or Waffle House.  I, however, don’t have the upfront capital to get started..  


I do as folks on this call have the Capital, Desire and Imagination for the Network Marketing Business..  


Wanted to thank Michael, Richard and the tidbits of wisdom from everybody involved in Mentoring for Free..