Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2019-06-17


The Fifth Step toward Riches

There are two forms of imagination:

SYNTHETIC IMAGINATION: Is the rearranging of old concepts and ideas.

CREATIVE IMAGINATION:  Is where I connect with creative imagination to receive "hunches or inspirations."

When I say my self-talk with enough emotion, faith and confidence my conscious mind will vibrate at a high rate creating a strong DESIRE. This creative facility causes me to become more receptive to thoughts and ideas. This results in my being able to develop DESIRES more readily through creative imagination.

My imagination is like a muscle. For it to work better, I must exercise it more.

For my imagination muscle to get stronger, I must start with synthetic imagination. The more I exercise synthetic imagination, the more I will receive "hunches or inspirations" that will help me complete the sixth step in Chapter 2, DESIRE. Plans will begin to take shape. Plans will begin to become clearer.

                                                          Saying the results of Step 6 in DESIRE and the 5 Steps aloud from Chapter 3, FAITH help me focus more on my plans for success.

Creating the emotion required helps me to use nature's method of achieving success. My thoughts are forms of energy. The same "stuff" used to form the universe. My success begins with thoughts and ideas.

I am grateful to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for implementing their thoughts and ideas to create Mentoring For Free. Where would I be without Mentoring For Free? Definitely far less knowledge than I am now. Thank You, thank You, thank You Linda and Michael Dlouhy. I am much richer from my experiences here.

I am grateful to all who make up our 8 weekly calls. They too are contributing to my success. Thank You, thank You, thank You to each one of You.

Bob Shoaf
Sunny Alamogordo, NM

Ps: I am grateful to all who download Success In 10 Steps and allow me to communicate with them periodically. We are contributing to each other's success. Thank You, thank You, thank You to each one of You.