Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-06-13


“Ideas are intangible forces, but they have more power
than the physical brains that give birth to them. They
have the power to live on after the brain that creates
them has returned to dust.” Napoleon Hill

Where were you July 20, 1969? I was at my parent’s home
it was 9:56 pm when I saw that it was really happening.
There were those who have written of such an event for
over 100 years. It had been a dream that one national
leader put into the minds of a nation just a few years
ago. How could this be really, really, really happenings?

This fantastic, epic event I was watching is Neil Armstrong
as he planted his feet on the moon. “One small step for man.
One giant leap for mankind.” I still feel the excitement,
pride, and joy felt by all Americans and I dare say, much
of the whole Earth. This was not the dream of one man, but
1000’s upon 1000’s going back 100’s of years.

“Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are
mistakes which it is useful to make because they lead little
by little to the truth.” Jules Verne, whom history considered
just a writer, a fantasize writer too boot but look where his
fantasies lead. His words stirred and ignited the imagination
of the very men who put us on the moon some 100 years later.

Hill defines imagination as the workshop where all plans are
created by man.  Hill warns, “Man’s only limitation, within
reason, lies in his development and use of his imagination.”

We were all created with an unlimited imagination which Infinite
Intelligence.  God intends for us to use to better ourselves and
others. The nasty truth is that many have had the switch to this
imagination. Allowing it to be turned off by family members,
teachers, friends, religious leaders, and others, including

We are called to use that implanted natural ability. Hill writes,
“Both the synthetic (the building upon an existing idea) and
creative faculties (a new inspiration) of imagination become more
alert with use, just as any muscle or organ of the body develops
through use.”

I have felt a keen vibration coming at an exceedingly rapid
vibration flowing from the mind of those writing lessons,
speaking up on the calls and mentoring with a servant’s heart
here on Mentoring for Free.

My desire to be a professional network marketer has been stirred,
ignited and energized as never before. I understand even more what
Hill meant by, “When you begin with the thought impulse, DESIRE,
to accumulate money, you drafting into your service the same “stuff”
that Nature used in creating this earth, and every material form in
the universe, including the body and brain in which the thought
impulses function.”

I can use the very source that creates this earth, God. He said,
“Ask and it will be given. Knock and will be opened. Seek and
you will find.” (Matthew7:7)

Thanks, Linda and Michael Dlouhy for it was your imagination
that launched this platform and mastermind of hope. Bob Shoaf
thank you, thank you for just being you and being here. To my
Mentoring for Free partners, I deeply appreciate your brilliance.
Many, many thanks to everyone who received “Success in 10 Steps”
‚Äčand allow me to work with you.

Nathan Grimes
Lubbock, TX USA