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Posted: 2019-06-13

Specialized Knowledge

Personal experiences or Observations

The forth step to riches


Napoleon Hill let’s us know of the two types of knowledge Genaral Knowledge and Specialized Knowledge. General Knowledge is the basis knowledge such as reading, language Skills, writing Essays and Mathematics. This is knowledge that is Taught in public schools and universities. But specialized knowledge is an gained by using general knowledge to gain the knowledge of a specific field. We must first decide of the sort of specialized knowledge is required, and the purposed needed. So we need to have a clear direction of how to gain this specialized knowledge we desire by following the steps to gain the specialized knowledge.

(a) One's own experience and education

(b) Experience and education available through cooperation of others (Master Mind Alliance)

(c) Colleges and Universities

(d) Public Libraries (Through books and periodicals in which may be found all the knowledge organized by civilization) (

e) Special Training Courses (Through night schools and home study schools in particular.)

The accumulation of great fortunes calls for POWER, and power is acquired through highly organized and intelligently directed specialized knowledge, but that knowledge does not, necessarily, have to be in the possession of the man who accumulates the fortune.

” Hill is very clear on the importance of specialized knowledge and he gives numerous examples of it in his book. As an example he talks about professors as great sources of specialized knowledge, most of whom don’t use it in an organized manner. Most of them have specialized knowledge but they “only” use it for general purposes, like teaching a big class (maybe the same way they had done for years). Think about your professor in finance who hopefully was outstanding at teaching but did he or she own or run one or several business, were they wealthy (in financial terms)? NO? Then they were probably only a generalist or potentially not a good executor within their field of expertise as they did not use their knowledge in an organized way! Someone who is extremely knowledgeable within their field, as a specialist, have little to no use of most of their expertise it if they don’t use it in a strategic way. Basically they then become a generalist which means they won’t add much value to the world and therefore their efforts will not be greatly rewarded regardless of their dedication. Knowledge is only power when it is specialized and organised! So make sure you set off time every day to learn more from those who know! A Mastermind Group can come handy Another way of getting specialized knowledge is one I’m very found of is Correspondences school or home schooling. I knew my children was not being taught the proper way of learning. So I pulled them out and home schooled them myself. Teaching them how to utilize critical thinking skills and utilized the personal help that napoleon Hill spoke of in this chapter. But he also brought out another example one thing is home schooling is not free! Hill states “ anything acquired with out effort and with out cost is generally unappreciated or often discredited. Homeschooling makes you sit think and learn and use self discipline. Thank You Nathan Grimes and Bob Shoaf for inviting me to mentoring for free. Thank You Michael Dlouhy for using your specialized knowledge of marketing and building to teach us these special Skills to grow ourselves and our Business as well as our communities.

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