Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jim Whitelaw San Bernadino, CA, United States

Posted: 2019-06-12

Specialized knowledge with a purpose acquired through correspondence courses one has to pay for works far better than free because when one purchases specialized knowledge with a purpose one is far more apt to put it to use. "skin in the game" comes to mind, hehe.
Specialized knowledge is far superior to miscellaneous knowledge, combined with creativity and imagination it can yield far greater results toward producing income and a better life. Providing, teaching others to provide and creating ideas based upon personal services is a strong basis for the riches one desires.
The Mastermind principle Henry Ford used is brilliant, it did not have to fill his mind with tons of trivial knowledge, he had only to know who in the mastermind group could and did have the information he needed to build the bigger picture of his desire.

Marketing oneself properly goes a long way toward starting in a new position far above the bottom and much quicker advancement.