Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-06-11


There is nothing wrong with knowledge..  It’s what you do with the knowledge and how you apply it determines how successful you will be in terms of financial.  General knowledge is fine and will probably get you through the normal day to day routine of life.. You can have stimulating conversations with folks: close or strangers..The Specialized knowledge is what can make or break a person.

A good secondary and higher education is not a bad thing by any means.. This, however, does not mean you will reach the peak of financial riches.. The U.S. until recently has put so much stock in higher education: bachelor and post graduate degrees. If you don’t go to college and finish, you will be limited in opportunities.

That is what I was told anyway.  I went to a small  liberal arts college that many would consider prestigious. This wasn’t all bad: had fun,made friends, and traveled a bit.. I, however, only acquired a few useful skills in that time. I learned how to write, think critically, and argue my points. I cannot think of anything else that made me an effective sales professional.. It certainly did not help me grow up.. A do over is impossible, but If possible, I would have gone straight into the Service in order to mature, learn discipline, and the benefits of teamwork.  Then gone to college and been more focused.   The positive of this is College was not nearly as costly then as it is now.  Many young adults are graduating with useless degrees where career options are limited and have a mountain of debt.  Many will never be able to fully repay these obligations.. 

Many folks are better of going to trade school: plumbers, electricians and welders do very well in terms of starting wages..  Folks, however, are born with the aptitude of that requires success in these career paths.. I, unfortunately, was not one of these individuals.

   I knew this early on, accepted it, and learned and had to learn to r oh in the folks with the aptitude. This followed me through my sales career.. This is what Andrew Carnegie did.. He knew little about the technical end of things, He utilized the findings from individuals in his mastermind group.

   Back to higher education.. I can’t count how many times I have heard the world say.  In order to be successful and happy.. You need to go to college, work hard, make good grades, and get a good job.. Then life will be a bowl of cherries!  That is hogwash!  


Some of the most successful people I know in terms of finances never finished their 4 year degrees.. Plus look at History: Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, etc.. None of them finished college. Dave Thomas never finished High School, before he ever founded Wendy’s.


Now, prior to become service connected/disabled veteran, I had a satisfying career, and made a decent living.. I have/had many other friends and associates who made plenty more than I did.  This was/is fine in the majority’s eyes.. Not necessarily for me, this group, and other other hungry entrepreneurs.. We all want the financial freedom, which requires more than general knowledge!


  I am not criticizing formal education by any means.. It is wise to pay attention, work hard, and do your best.. It, however, will not guarantee you a good job, nice home, fancy care, and  deep $ pockets..  What you learn from education, outside experience, instinct, and desire is what makes this happen.


In closing I want to thank Richard Burnett for reaching out to me. Michael Dloughy for founding mentoring for free and everyone who is part of this exceptional program!