Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2019-06-07

Chapter 5 - Specialized Knowledge

We had a neighbour who spent his time reading encyclopedias.
He could tell you all kinds of facts about anything.  
He sounded really smart but what did he do with it -  
Nothing! It did not get him into university, it did not
get him a high paying job, it just got him knowledge that
just made him feel good.  

Knowledge without any action or anywhere to utilize that
knowledge will just make you think you are smart.  
We have all had access to specialized knowledge
in our lifetime.  It is what we do with that knowledge
that counts.  Just knowing something is not enough.

I worked in a sewing factory for a number of years and
there you have to learn specialized knowledge on sewing
garments together.  Anyone can learn it if they apply 
themselves.  Anyone can become very good at it with practice
and increase their income because you got paid by piecework. 
So the more you produced the more you got paid.  

Some of the workers had been there for 25 years and
were still making minimum wage and others who had not been there
that long were making a lot more than minimum wage.
What was the difference? The difference was the desire 
to get a bigger cheque and the willingness to work for it.

They first needed desire, the idea and imagination on how 
to produce more and follow that with persistence and consistency. 
Some just were not willing to do that little bit extra. 

They all had specialized knowledge but they were like our
neighbour who acquired specialized knowledge but they never
learned the principle Algernon Sidney stated, being "God helps
those who help themselves."

We are all here at Mentoring for Free to learn, to grow and 
build our business.  Michael Dlouhy has given us all the tools
we need with the Mentoring For Free System, the e-book, the 
eight calls each week to the free coaching and mentoring.

Some will take advantage of what we have and some won't.
Some will come on the weekly calls, some will speak up and
some won't.  Some will post a lesson and some won't.
We all have a choice.  We can come to all the calls, listen
and learn and keep reading that "encyclopedia" and never put
it to use.  

Some will, some won't!

Tuula Rands