Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2019-05-22

The bottom line is that we must BELIEVE that we can accomplish a PIN level in our company! Because nobody is ready without BELIEF. You must have 90% Mindset and 10% skills. And you can NOT have any negative thoughts because that ruins the whole thing. Edwin Barnes had NO influence, no money or anything. And he had in mind his GOAL to be Thomas Edisons business partner and it definitely was NOT a wish when he appeared before it! Thomas Edison took his word because he FELT that Edwin Barnes was there for what he wanted to accomplish. That is to be the business partner of Thomas Edison. Did he get it on Day 1? Of course not, he did whatever Edison asked him to do so that he could build crediblity. It took five years, then one day Edison sold the Ediphone Machine all filhty while the other salesman laughed at him! Well he sold it so succeessfully that his dream came true! Just like Henry Ford he had a mind that he controlled while everybody else cared about what others thought just to impress others. Well other people do NOT pay your bills. There is a part in this song by Shaggy, You are my Angel you are my darling Angel... And the section in this song "Life is One Big Party When You Are Still Young, But Whose Gonna Hold Your Back When Its All Done?" Answer to the question is YOU are responsible for your success nobody else! 

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: "Stop Talking And Start Doing!" Walt Disney