Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Terry Mondo Lake Worth, United States, US

Posted: 2019-05-01

The Sixth Sense we all have it but according to Hill we really do not activate

it unitl we have mastered the 12 previous principles of the book.

Being able to utilize our sixth sense and purposely doing so can create great things,

that is why it is so important.

What I find amazing is how Napoleon Hill was able to use his imagination

to creat an imaginary council and to imagine so vivdily that he had conversations

with the men who he wanted to emulate. That is a feet in itself but he was using


and Desire to help him imagine this counsel. The purpose for him was to rebuild his character

but I also think it was a way for him to create the way he wanted his life to be.

So for me the  the 13 principles of Think an Grow Rich  all work in harmony with

each other and of course the men he studied for all of those years to come up with these

principles abided by theses principles without necessarly knowing that they were and that

is why they succeded where most do not.