Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Starr Nadia Stewart Aylett, Virginia (VA), United States

Posted: 2019-03-20

We all make decisions on a daily basis. Some may be substantial to our goals and some may be a hindrance it's all in how you take your first step. But we all should strive for the successful outcome in our decision-making. Especially if we dissect our outline of our decision to achieve our goal at hand. Making a decision pertaining to business it's a hard task at times. Especially if they're not setup correctly. That would be the only way to obtain a great business Endeavor outcome it's to make sure that everything follows the exact order needed to render a successful business. I know that I write out everything to achieve and benefit from in my endeavors. Because I wish for my businesses to end up very successful. And by doing that I ended up having two businesses fall into my lap and I'm very thankful and honored for that. That was my ultimate decision to strive in achieved it's a have my own that I do not have to follow anyone or check out with anyone other than myself. My outlined task making to my own business ended up very well. Now to push them Full Throttle is my next goal at hand because I wish for them to be million dollar Revenue achievements for myself and family. I wish to thank Michael and Linda for all their guidance and inspiration with Think and Grow Rich. And also to my mentor Taquittee Cross for pushing me to the limit to achieve my goals at hand. Also for all of the others on the line with Think and Grow Rich for their inspiration and guidance.