Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2019-03-20

Ok it’s decision time. You have made some huge decisions and choices on Your own. So it’s time to be firm with those choices too. Stand by those choices and walk that road. Some of those choices which you and others have made include.

• Choosing to change Your health and keeping on going. Even when we get frustrated with the results.

• The business we get involved with / the company who we work for.

• Our partner in a relationship. Even our friends we choose them.

• How we choose to treat others in our lives. We can choose to treat someone well like they are a person or badly. It’s our own choice we get to decide. Unfortunately we will often hear many excuses relating to what is happening like it’s his culture or how they grew up.

• We can choose to change our family culture or learned habits or ignore them. If you continue to do the same area with co-workers it says you may believe You are right. You may treat them right or otherwise its Your choice.

• Your own financial situation is Your decision, how Your react with money etc is Your choice Growing up a phrase that heard was a famous “money doesn’t grow on trees.” But then again it is Your choice. You can choose to earn 500 per hour, 5000 per hour or even 50000 per hour. You choose to believe in what Your doing and it will come.

These are just some of the decisions we can make. That says about a recent decision asking questions to understand someone’s mindset re a subject at had is the person someone who you can work with or have fun with. You may ask someone a question to make a better decision.

Its go time.

Thank you to my amazing wife for life Jenny for Your own support and love, Thank you to my wonderful friends and family from mentoring for free for Your guidance and friendship. Thank you to my amazing mentors for life Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dloughy for Your continued support, love, encouragement and help over my time with mentoring for free.

Bug hugs,

Your friend and mentor for life

Ben Drake

West Ryde Nsw Australia

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