Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Melissa Warman Hanover Township , Pa, USA

Posted: 2019-03-19

I believe many people procrastinate due to being intimidated by the word TIME. 

Often people think of time in the wrong manner! 

People often ask where will find time? Many are told you will find time for things they desire. This way of thinking is a big cause for people to procrastinate. 

Time is given! We can not change time. We can add more hours in a day. We are given 24 hours a day. 

We must change and manage the activities we do in our time given. 

Consider how much of your time you spend watching T.V. Or browsing aimlessly through social media, or how many videos you watch on YouTube. Ask yourself what you could be doing during that time to be productive. 

If you are being productive in your time given, your decision will be easy to make and put into action.