Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2019-03-18

Chapter 8


Think And Grow Rich Lessons,


In this chapter, Napoleon Hill, lets us know how important

It is to make our own DECISIONS, you will never be successful,

If you are influenced by other peoples opinions.


I made the DECISION, that I am going to upgrade my phone,

I want to learn about apps, I want a phone that’s easier to

Text with, this is manly to help me build my Networking


I go down to the local phone store, I tell this young lady that

Works there what I want, she tells me about this phone that’s

On sale, it will do everything I need it for.  After going over

Everything I thought I needed to know, filling out the paper

Work, I was there a little over an hour.  Sometime later as I

Was on my way to the grocery store, it hit me that I did not

Know how to answer this new phone.  I made the DECISION, to

Ask a friend of mine to help me, as I was about to walk out

The door at the grocery store, my phone went off, and I was

Unable to answer it.  I had a feeling it was this friend of mine

I was thinking about that would help me learn how to use this

Phone. I went home and listen to a message he had left me

On my answering machine, I called him back, Sometime later he came over

And we stood in my driveway, he called me up a few times

And helped me get my Subconscious Mind programmed

On how to answer this new phone.


Sense I made the DECISION to join Mentoring For Free,

Think And Grow Rich Lessons, my Thoughts are more Positive,

I have a stronger Desire, I have more Faith and Confidence

In myself.   You want something to change in this world,

You have to ask questions, you have to get educated, you

Have to take action!

I had no idea one of my lessons I wrote, would ended up in

The local news paper, and people would tell me how much they

Liked what I wrote.  I know for a fact, one of the best DECISIONS

I ever made was to join Mentoring For Free.

Thank you Michael and Linda, and Thank you to my Master Mind


Take action, write Lessons!


                      Marty Roe