Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-03-14


“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die
having left undone.” Pablo Picasso

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something,
or the lack of action or as my Dad would stop “Hum Hawing” or
kicking the can down the road.

It is interesting, also, to observe that these (any) important
changes usually begin in the form of a DEFINITE DECISION in the
minds of a relatively small number of people.

“DEFINITENESS OF DECISION always requires courage, sometimes very
great courage. The fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of
Independence staked their lives on the DECISION to affix their
signatures to that document. The person who reaches a DEFINITE
DECISION to procure the particular job, and make life pay the price
he asks, does not stake his life on that decision; he stakes his
ECONOMIC FREEDOM. Financial independence, riches, desirable business
and professional positions are not within reach of the person who
neglects or refuses to EXPECT, PLAN, and DEMAND these things. The
person who desires riches in the same spirit that Samuel Adams
desired freedom for the Colonies, is sure to accumulate wealth.”

I had to DECLARE my freedom even with a close friend. Just a little
history here, I had joined an insurance agency in 1996 with a man
who became a close friend. We were in the Senior marketing working
in Medicare, Annuities, and Estate Planning. We traveled, attended
training schools together and were doing well for 12 years. We were
is prison ministry together and a prayer group together. Yes, you can
say we were close friends.

The insurance industry had started changing and had lost some of its
fun and fulfillment. In 2008 I join a network marketing company which
offered a service I felt would be helpful for my clients. Started
developing new markets and friends. I continued in insurance but saw
the future was in network marketing.

On one occasion I was discussing the future I saw in networking at
which point this friend told me it was just a false dream, it would not
work, to get my head out of the cloud. It was that day I DECLARE my
freedom of choice. I firmly told him I would not let him or anyone else
steal my dreams, just Samuel Adam would not let Governor Gage deter his
quest for freedom.

Has it been a struggle? Yes. Have I had failure and frustration? Yes.
Have I found my FREEDOM? A big “YES” here at Mentoring for Free. I
understand the meaning of the word of Jesus Christ, "I also tell you
this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask,
my Father in heaven will do it for you.” Matthew 18:19 There is power
in Definiteness of Decision. Finding the strength of harmonious
mastermind bring clarity. Discovering how to think, not just what to
think brings freedom.

Nathan Grimes
Lubbock, TX USA

PS: “The habit of always putting off an experience until you can afford
it, or until the time is right, or until you know how to do it is one of
the greatest burglars of joy. Be deliberate, but once you’ve made up
your mind–jump in.”– Charles R. Swindoll