Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Starr Nadia Stewart Aylett, Virginia (VA), United States

Posted: 2019-03-07

Imagination is a very tricky thing at times. It may have you on multiple things all at one time. That's when you need to recap and regroup to put them under different categories. As Napoleon Hill did putting them in the categories of synthetic and creative. So that you can dissect your actual thoughts. Thinking to Grow Rich on the synthetic topic had so many actual gold mine thoughts about taking my actual business endeavors to the next level. And having this book more so like a study guide for me even pushed me harder to put my synthetic imagination into Full Throttle. Then it put me in to my creative imagination where I have picked up two more business Endeavors just by being in the correct mindset. To take on everything that falls into my lap. Being Guided by the best Mentor has helped a lot with my creative side. I'm so determined and eager to do all I can to establish the correct revenue and target for my family. So I Thank Napoleon Hill for his words of wisdom. Michael and Linda for their time they give and the group for all their encouraging words. Again thank you.