Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cheryl Stuhr Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-03-06




Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 6


“It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine.” So be careful of what you are imagining. Thoughts create things-good or bad.

Napoleon writes, “He (man) has discovered that his own brain is both a broadcasting, and a receiving station for the vibration of thought, and he is beginning now to learn how to make practical use of this discovery.”


There are two types of imagination, synthetic, where man takes old concepts, plans and new ideas and combines them into something else. Napoleon gave the example of an inventor as someone who uses their synthetic imagination. The other day I used mine, when I approached giving a business overview differently from anyone else that I've ever heard give one. I took the same material, presented it the same way, but with a twist. I had a growth experience, scary at first, when I presented it on my facebook wall-live. That wasn't the twist, if you are wondering. I imagined myself giving it, saying what I wanted to say, I even saw myself sitting in front of my computer presenting it. Out of respect for what my fellow Master Mind group partners do as their living, I will not disclose my company nor when I will present it next.

The second type of imagination is the creative imagination. This is where the Infinite Intelligence is in direct contact with you by way of hunches or inspirations. Napoleon writes, “The creative imagination works automatically...”. He states that, “This faculty functions ONLY when the conscious mind is vibrating at an exceedingly rapid rate, as for example, when the conscious mind is stimulated through the emotion of a strong desire.”


QUESTION: Can the two imaginations, synthetic and creative, work in unison?


When I thought of using a live video, about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I knew that going through social media was the best way to promote my business. I kept that thought in mind; thinking about it, how I would do it and saying to myself “I can do this.” It would not get out of my head. But it scared me half to death just thinking about putting myself out there for everyone to see. The desire was there. My heart would start pounding at the mere thought of going live; having great expectations or not. I'm sure the ego voice was telling me I couldn't do and on the day I was going to do it, I dramatically came down with, “I don't feel good, I don't want to go to school today” stomach upset-and I didn't present it. The day I got my courage up and sat down to do it, I was so nervous that I didn't realize I hadn't started the video until I was almost finished talking. When I did notice, I laughed and gave a much abbreviated version of what I thought was a pretty good first presentation. I refused to let that glitch, not starting live video, to get me down-I look at it as a dress rehearsal for the next presentation.

QUESTION: Was I inspired by the Infinite Intelligence in the first place and through my burning desire it has been kept alive. I knew from the first how I was going to present it-I knew the

twist I was going to add right from the beginning. Was my creative imagination in play and then my synthetic imagination as to how to present it (old concept/new idea)?

I want to thank Linda and Michael for starting this great Master Mind group and any insights from the group would be greatly appreciated.


Cheryl from Houston