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Steve Johnson Orlando, FLORIDA, US

Posted: 2019-02-27

Chapter 5  Specialized Knowledge

  Summery by Steve Johnson

There are two types of knowledge, General and Specialized.

General knowledge is of little use and will not attract money. Acting on knowledge becomes power by placing it into action with a  plan and  a goal.

Specialized Knowledge is obtained through additional education or mentoring from someone in the specific field we choose to follow. This Specialized Knowledge is nessessary twards 

gaining the wealth that is desired. Only with the ability to access Specializes Knowledge can we achieve success and wealth. 

Master Mind and mentoring groups are a good places to gain specialised knowledge.

Knowledge of how to make money work for you rather than working for the money is an example of how Specialized Knowldge is such a benefit for gaining wealth.


Steve Johnson

Orlando, Florida