Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2019-02-26

Before finding MFF all I had for the whole time I had been in Network Marketing was general knowledge. I found that the people that sponsored me into most of the companies that I went with didn't know much more than me and in turn to be fair I knew no more than them because I was never taught properly. I was just duplicating what I saw them doing and unfortunately most of the time it was wrong. I never learned any real skills and I was just “winging it” like so many others. Is it really any wonder why there is so much failure and frustration in this business? As I look back I have to laugh and sometimes shake my head at all the methods that I used to try to be successful.


No, it really does take specialized knowledge to be successful in this business if you really want to be a professional and that's why finding Mentoring for Free was so special to me. I found real leaders and mentors to follow until I could learn to be a leader. I found a personal development program with them that has taught me how to believe in myself again after so many years of failure and have the self confidence after so many years of being beaten up. 


I found that learning just a few simple skills could make all the difference in the world and working hard to develop them. I learned the importance of finding a 5 pillar company. As I learn to become a leader I am happy to know that I will be able to teach skills to the people that I bring into the business and not leave them hanging.


I learned that I don't have to do it all by myself and that I have a team behind me and a sound system that I can plug my people right into. 


All I can say is that I am so thankful for finding this program that is changing my life and my success in the business that I want to be successful in and I am so thankful to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for providing this because they could be out doing just about anything else they wanted to do at this point in their lives but chose to help others have the same success they have had if they desire. And thank you to all my brilliant mastermind partners and friends that I learn from in this harmonious environment each and every week.


Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al.