Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2019-02-24

Chapter 5

Specialized Knowledge,

Think And Grow Rich Lessons,


First Of all, decide the sort of specialized knowledge you

Require, and the purpose for which it is needed. To a large

Extent your major purpose in life, the goal toward which you

Are working, will help determine what knowledge you need.

(Napoleon Hill)

When I graduated high school, I had no idea what I wanted

To do, what line of work was I going to get into, people

Would tell me, that’s normal.  After being here at

Mentoring For Free,  I have a better understanding why I

Did not know what direction to go in.  I believe if I had

gotten Specialized Knowledge my Jr and Sr year in high school

on How to think not what to think, I would have had a better

understanding of my major purpose in life after I left high

school.  One of the great things we learn as we take part

here at Think And Grow Rich Lessons, Mentoring For Free,

as we learn we start to pick up skills we did not have when

we started.

In Toastmasters, we are told to always have a speech ready

To go, in case the person that suppose to give a speech

Does not show up you can volunteer.  Last week the

Speaker did not show up, I volunteered, I had this great idea,

I used the Think And Grow Rich book that I received from

Michael and Linda when I was at their house last summer,

I held it up and talked about this book has to do with our

Thoughts, I talked about the first 3 chapters, Thoughts Are

Things, Desire, Faith, and then I went to chapter 14, The Sixth

Sense, and then I told my flat tire story, I wrote for that chapter

A few weeks back.  Everybody seem to enjoy it, I enjoyed telling

It, I did not even use notes, I talked for over 7 min.

I want the Specialized Knowledge that’s going to teach me

How to Think,  Not What To Think! I want the Specialized

Knowledge that’s going to help me become the best me I can

Be.  I can’t think of a better place to be than Mentoring For

Free, and Think And Grow Rich Lessons!