Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Norna OBrien Godfrey, ON, Canada

Posted: 2019-02-21

I went back to college three or four years ago to upgrade my Microsoft Office skills because I have always worked in offices since graduating from high school and knowing these programs enabled me to do all of my own paperwork when I owned my businesses in Nova Scotia. 

After listening and reading this chapter, I realize that although this knowledge is helpful, it is not the "specialized" knowledge I truly require to build a business; it will help with maintaining a business once it is built and during the building of it.

After seeing and hearing of all of the people who have achieved wealth through their ability to imagine and dream, it has helped me to understand that I have only just had "hope" that I can do this and become financially free. It has also encouraged me to change that hope into "belief" that I can also achieve what I truly want. 

I remembered being taught that knowledge is power, but only if you "put that knowledge into action".  I had forgotten that last part of that lesson. I am already putting that to use with my health but did not really think about it until now. After watching my late husband go through the medical system for 10 years, having many arguments with his doctor about his medication and ending up passing away at 47, I decided to educate myself on nutrition and supplementation and I have incorporated what I could within my budget to be proactive with my health. Although I could not do everything I wanted to all of the time because of finances, I have managed to do enough and to always have a positive mind about my health to be the healthiest of the eight children in my family. I am the third oldest and the only one of the eight of us with no major health issues. My siblings have had major health issues like cancer, diabetes, heart problems, celiac disease, crones and colitis. 

If I can do this with my health, there is no reason I cannot do this with a business!