Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2019-02-20

I am just curious who Do You hang around with, do you believe You are millionaire. We need to say to ourselves and believe it’s who we are as a person. For people like Thomas Eddision they needed to suggest to themselves despite hearing about everyone else’s view they need to suggest what they know is right for them.

Everyday I am getting stronger and building stronger muscle despite having come from little strength and needing to learn to control my muscles better. Having to learn healthier eating and all the rest You have needed to learn. You understand what it’s like to keep on having significant health challenges since was a child.

It takes knowing in Your heart and going from there. Ben You need to stop listening to those non millionaire friends who are unable to see Your own vision. You have done everything You can for them, most are unable to understand. You know in Your own heart that You are a healthy guy, who has his health and it keeps getting better. Is it really worth letting those who choose to Yell about the smallest issue run Your life?

It’s worth bring around those who are calm. Those healthier friends who are willing to help You become that healthier, loving guy who is an amazing husband father and friend.

Thank you so much my amazing friends from mentoring for free who are millionaire sharing their own knowledge, skills and experience. A special thanks to my amazing mentors Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dloughy for Your continued Love, Support, Guidance and Love. Thank you aswell to my amazing wife for life Jenny and our wonderful son Jamie for Your continued support.

Big hugs,

Your friend and mentor for life

Ben Drake West Ryde Nsw Australia

Ps even your signature file is a Autosuggestion if ya say your friend and mentor that is a powerful statement whom You are. You can choose for Yourself.