Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Len Hollon Prattville, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2019-02-19

AUTOSUGGESTION is the agency of control through which an individual

may voluntarily feed his subconscious mind on thoughts of a creative

nature, or, by neglect, permit thoughts of a destructive nature to find their

way into this rich garden of the mind. - Hill


Ask Michael Dlouhy what is the secret to his success and 100% of the time he

will say “Self Talk”. We are talking about a man who has been “fulltime and

debt free” in network marketing for the last 31 years. Seems to me it might be

beneficial to listen to him.


So why do I struggle to get in the 1,000 repetitions per day that are recommended.

I know it is the secret to Michael's success. I know that it is the secret to my

personal mentor, Bob Shoaf, getting many many hunches. Why am I not getting

it done. Maybe You are asking Yourself the same question. For me, I have

realized that the answer is It doesn't matter why. I have realized that I need to

just do something about it.


Here is what I came up with. Iphones, and I'm sure other types of mobile phones

as well, have a clock with a bunch features. I used the stop watch to figure out it

takes me less than 6 seconds to say my Self Talk. Doing the math I now know I

can say it 100 time in 10 minutes. So, I have an alarm set on my phone to go

off every hour from 7 am until 10 pm (with exceptions for 8 skills calls) and I

then set a 10 minute timer and say my Self Talk until the timer goes off.




It goes without saying that this must be infused with emotion. My kids (well,

my grown sons) are everything to me, so thoughts of them are my usual method

of infusing emotion, but You can go to Your own storehouse of happy thoughts

to find Yours.




Thank You Linda & Michael Dlouhy for Your inspiration and persistence in

creating this system that pays it forward and helps each of us to achieve our

own success. I would no longer be in network marketing without You and that

would be a shame.


Thank You Bob Shoaf for being my mentor and example. But most of all, Thank

You for being my friend.


Thank You everyone on this MasterMind for Your support and friendship. The

fellowship I feel here helps inspire me to be diligent.



Eternally Grateful,


Len from “Sweet Home Alabama”


Jeremiah 29:11


PS I am the GATEKEEPER of my subconscious mind. I MUST be on duty 24/7.

It is my RESPONSIBILLITY and mine alone!